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Save Our Sons Fundraiser

Please join us at our annual    

Save Our Sons Fundraiser    

When: Friday, May 19th from 5:30p.m. to 8:30p.m.

Where: At the home of Gail Daneker and Ian Keith * 1791 Dayton Ave. * Between Marshall and Selby/ Fairview and Wheeler


Master of Ceremonies:  Anthony Galloway

Speakers:  Bill Tilton    Melvin Carter Jr.   Eugene Wilson  Toni Carter  Gerald Settles  “Superman”

Preview:  New SOS WEB SITE !!!

Music:  Carter Family and Friends

Donation: $25 (more if you can/less if you can't!!)

If you are unable to attend, but would still like to support Save Our Sons --- Please send your contribution to Save Our Sons, c/o Gail Daneker, 1791 Dayton Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104

SOS Co-Hosts:

Hikmat Achekzai • Roxanne Abbas • Karin Aguilar-San Juan • Todd Axtell Russel Ballenger•  Harriet Barlow • James W. Bruener • John Brodrick • Terry Burke and Andy Berman • Barb Burleigh • Dimitri Burroughs • Melvin Carter III • Toni Carter • John Choi • Chris Crutchfield • Rae Cornelius • GRACE DAVIES • Elizabeth Dickinson and Christopher Childs • Mike Finley • Tezikiah Gabriel • Alanna and Anthony Galloway • Maria and Ramon Gomez • Walt Gordon • Reid Grano • Nicole and Mazen Halabi •  Donna Harris and George Dunn • Lisa Heinrich • Mary Hinz • Ruby Hunt • Nathaniel Khaliq and Victoria Davis • Nate Kellar-Long • Stuart and Mary Ellen Knappmiller • Greta Kotz and Sean Keith • Laura LaBlanc • Bridget Martin • MJ Maynes and Ron David McGill • Kathy McKay • Mary Lynn Murphy • Deborah & Steve Muth • Rihab Naheel • Carolyn and Bob Nechal • Katherine Nelson and H.T. Fish • Kimberly Nightengale and Dan Tilsen • Noel Nix • Cindy and Sam Orbovich • Nieeta Presley • Jane Prince • Lois Quam • Pete Rode • Mark Ritchie • Kathryn Schoenberg • Susan Sobelson and Judy Ingram • Erica Schumacher • Russ Stark • Karen Stupic and Brian Singer • Bill Tilton • Wendy Underwood and Darren Tobolt • Artika R. Tyner • Mary Vanderwert • Chue Vang and Joy Thao • John Wheeler • Clarence White • Deborah Zvosec and Steve Smith

Save Our Sons, founded by Melvin Carter Jr. in 1991 continues spearheading a community “Youth Reclamation Continuum” grassroots movement. Our mission is to “Reclaim youth on behalf of community, ancestors, God, and family.”  This “team-sport” movement includes local elders, neighbors, faith communities, and schools, elected officials, other like- hearted organizations, law enforcement, corrections, and others who share our passion. 

SOS contact may initiate inside Juvenile Detention Center, Boys Totem Town, or in the community at large. However, in many cases the continuum already exists because we already know the youth and/or their family in advance. Sustained mentoring continues at Element Fitness Boxing gym, The Gathering at Dunning Recreation Center, Circle of Peace, and most significantly, randomly in the mall, and on the streets.

In 2016 we led more than 83 planned talks with youth inside the Juvenile Detention Center, at Boys Totem Town, at Circle of Peace, Element Fitness and at high schools and colleges. Peace making, public safety and community building, is an ongoing, team project in St. Paul and SOS is happy to remain a partner. 

We are ‘system reform watchdog advocates’ at critical county, and state decision points, such as Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI), and Minnesota Violent Crime Coordinating Council (VCCC).  

SOS provides two classes per week at the Juvenile Detention Center, using SOS smelling salt, self-help, motivational materials, bulletins and now our new SOS motivational videos as teaching points.

When a youth is arrested and placed in captivity, he is at a most critical decision point in life, and time is the enemy! Will it be a “brush with the law” or become a way of life? SOS seizes the moment for relationship building during this most critical time. Operation Reclamation continuum may contact an individual as many as 20 times a year, or as needed. We seek the best-case scenario: youth restored to family and community with good, community elder, aunt/uncle relationships, rather than another layer of institution or just another program.

The SOS Bulletin-workbook series now include three Sgt. Carter’s videos taking on gang involvement, drug traffic, prison-glorification, gun violence, and sexual violence. 

SOS has prepared a special booklet called ”Surviving Police Stops With Dignity.” This tool is designed to assist African American males in getting through traffic stops, prevent shootings, as well as avert bad outcomes for police officers as well. 

Double murder led Melvin Carter, Jr. to career of police ‘peace’ work: Click here for full article.

Please join us.

SOS is a tax-deductible 501C3 organization.

For more information:  Gail or Ian at 651-647-5798