SOS follow-ups with youth are organic, occurring at athletic events, community centers, and shopping centers.  They stop us at the malls to tell us what they are up to and how they are doing.

We meet though various activities and events including those at a the Unitarian Church, Central High School, Concordia College, and Dunning Rec. Center providing entertainment, munchies, snacks, individual coach ups and telephone coaching.

So... Last nite at the movies with my daughter’s family: The movie started. Two men directly behind me ordered ‘man 1’ and his date to give them their seats. Man 1 requests that they find other seats, tries to be reasonable, but he ain’t given’ up his seat. So man 2 steps in front of him, blocks his view and says. “Then I’m gonna’ stand here an block your view.” Man 1 says “No you ain’t!” He stands up and says, “We just gonna’ have ta’ fight!” In the mean time I’m yelling, “Come on you guys!” “Brothers please!” “Please Ya’l...! Suddenly the situation deescalates without incident. After the movie, I turn around and tell Man 1 that he handled the situation well. He reaches down with a huge grin, embraces me, and says, “Just like you taught me Mr. Carter. Its me! As soon as you started yelling, I recognized your voice... [God is Good!]

Active Collaborations

SOS also works with and through other organizations and businesses to encircle and support young men they as move back into the community and become themselves community builders.  These include:


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Circle of Peace

 We worked with Russel and Sarah Balanger in establishing the Circle of Peace, using the well-established SOS relationship with the administration of BTT to have young men brought to this weekly circle. We continue to attend weekly as a means to contribute to the arms of the community around the young men who attend.

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Element Boxing and Fitness

Element Boxing and Fitness – The founder of Element Boxing, a young man who came through the support of SOS, emerged as a boxer and a founder of his own gym and training business. With further mentorship from Sgt. Carter and his connections to Ramsey County’s efforts to build alternatives to detention, Element Boxing has been engaged by Ramsey County to serve corrections youth. Melvin’s regular attendance at the gym for his own workouts allows him another place to mentor and support these youth.

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The Gathering at DUnning Recreation Center

Arts Us and SOS collaboration hosting a monthly community dinner, showcase of youth talent and community conversation.